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New Machine - 12/28/98cnc02.jpg (47710 bytes)cnc03.jpg (48267 bytes)cnc04.jpg (48433 bytes)cnc05.jpg (48518 bytes)cnc06.jpg (48202 bytes)

Above were the first pictures I took after I built the plasma gantry in December 1998

Beefup1.jpg (118271 bytes)beefup2.jpg (125575 bytes)Tumbler.jpg (109363 bytes)ScanPrt01.jpg (55592 bytes)

Later in 1999 I beefed the machine up, built a monster tumbler and other essentials.

EmptyRack.jpg (90826 bytes)PartWire.jpg (95335 bytes)Inside1.jpg (107007 bytes)Front.jpg (92537 bytes)Back.jpg (97861 bytes)Done.jpg (101026 bytes)

I used the plasma gantry to make other equipment, like the CNC switch panels....

SysTrack01.jpg (104617 bytes)SysTrack02.jpg (112841 bytes)SysTrack03.jpg (107542 bytes)CamMon01.jpg (66537 bytes)LabElec.jpg (125570 bytes)Labmach.jpg (109387 bytes)

...and a common computer system track shared by the plasma gantry, CNC mill, CNC lathe, etc. A Camera Monitor (WebCams added to site soon) for keeping an eye on things outside the Lab. The Electrical side of the Lab. The Machining side of the Lab.

RF Shielding of the Computer and Drive Electronics


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