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Randy Ray and Nancy Badagliacca Ray Websites
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Texas MetalCraft
We manufacture custom signs, ornaments, and parts using CNC plasma technology.

Texas MicroCircuits
The CNC Pendant and Plasma Torch Height Controller (THC) Company)
We have now acquired Jim Cullins' Sound Logic Torch Height Controller product line.
We have new pricing (especially if you are an OEM) and shipping has been discounted.

Bridgeport Mill Rebuild Project
Taking on another project that was underfunded and underestimated....not out of the ordinary for me.

Randy Ray RandyRay  Randy's Personal Web Site
These are pages of my interests.....continuously in evolution.....just like me!

My Texas Bar-B-Que
Movies, photos, and details of my experience in smoking meats (brisket, jerky, turkeys, etc.)

Movie of the Month  
This is a movie (in Windows Media Player format - wmv) that I upload from time to time


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