Bridgeport Mill Rebuild
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I recently acquired a Bridgeport mill just like a bazillion other guys out there have and it needs lots of work.

It was appealing because:
- Price was right
- Chrome ways
- CNC servos and mechanisms on all 3 axes
- Ball screws on all 3 axes (yes, including the Z)
- I was naive enough to think I could slap a little paint on it, update the electronics and be running inside a month

CNC stuff had been removed (but I have it) intend to reattach it with new electronics, etc. Whether I stay with the old servos or change to steppers is still up in the air. For me, there are pros and cons of each and I will decide later.

Hurco converted this Bridgeport Series I, 2J mill to CNC back in 1978.

Here are some early photos of the machine before I purchased it

4765-4 (1).jpg (121756 bytes)  4765-2 (1).jpg (118199 bytes)  4765-1.jpg (133213 bytes)

Yes, it is ugly and needs some real cleaning, priming and painting.....but first, getting the mechanicals in order.

DSC00138.JPG (803718 bytes)  DSC00142.JPG (740745 bytes) DSC00143.JPG (855199 bytes)  
This is AFTER we took it to the car wash and spent $20 on quarters getting the years of "neglect" washed off of it.


12/23/2009 - Purchased Bridgeport mill and brought it home.
12/29/2009 -
Relocate Clausing Lathe
01/03/2010 - Unloading electronics cabinet
01/08/2010 - Terry acquires a mill
01/16/2010 - Unloading Terry's mill
01/17/2010 - Unloading my mill
01/21/2010 - Start disassembly so we can get the stuck gib removed
01/22/2010 - Preparing for the broken gib in the knee/column removal process
01/23/2010 - Removing the stuck gib and freeing the knee
01/24/2010 - Stripping the machine of the 3 layers of paint and bondo.
01/29/2010 - Brought this web up to date since it has been raining and getting much colder.




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